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  • Wes-State







, President and Founder of Wes-State, has over two decades of real estate financing experience. Wes-State has been in business since 1976 and you are welcome to make an appointment and visit our 6,000 square foot owner-occupied facility. Wes-State has had the privilege of arranging financing for well over $400,000,000.00 dollars in projects. Our placement has included commercial, industrial and business loans nationwide, as well as private placement of residential and small commercial loans through investments of private individuals. The loan officers at Wes-State have over 60 years of cumulative financing experience.

Backed by years of experience with financing skills and expertise, we can structure financing to the needs of the borrower.

For your funding needs call our office and ask for one of our loan consultants, Jerry Roth, John Taylor, Bob Kimball or the President of the company, .

Wes-State handles commercial real estate and business loans from $100,000 and up. Each and every loan applicant is given personalized consideration whether the loan is $100,000 or $5,000,000. With the complexities involved in real estate financing today, it makes sense to have an expert on your side. Call us for consultation and assistance with your financing needs.

Our many years in the loan brokering business has enabled us to publish high quality business opportunity programs related to:

  • Commercial Loan Brokering

  • Residential Loan Brokering

  • Broker Cash Flows

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Credit Card Business

  • And much more...

Our step by step instructions, guidance and the ability to work with us as a team will give you the tools you need to be a financially successful loan broker. Find out how Wes-State got started with a note from the president.


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