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Loan Broker Training Programs


Welcome to the lucrative business opportunity known as Loan Brokering. With the following programs, you can realize the personal freedom and financial rewards that you have been seeking. All you need is determination.

ALL orders come with our 90-DAY "no questions asked" money back refund.
AND, our FREE on-going phone consultation.
EXECUTIVE BROKER PACKAGE (price - $195.00)  more info

commercial loan broker course

A combination of our most popular money brokering programs that will provide you with the proper training and materials to enable you to be a professional in the Loan Brokering field. A $380 value packaged together for only $195, plus you'll receive five bonus programs (VALUE $192.00) Materials include:

  • The Professional Broker Program (including the Commercial lender and Business Lender Directory)

  • The Residential Broker Program (including the Residential Lender Directory)

  • The Associate Broker Program - (co-broker commercial loans with Wes-State)

  • 5 Free Bonus Books ($192.00 Value)
    1-Microloans for your business
    2-Zero Coupon Bonds
    3-$100,000 in 3 to 5 days!
    Save thousands of dollars on your home mortgage.
    Trade magazine subscription

PROFESSIONAL LOAN BROKER PROGRAM (price - $110.00)  more info

commercial loans

This is a general purpose program that will teach you how to be a loan broker like us. You can arrange any dollar amount of financing you wish, from as low as $500 to $30,000,000. You'll receive complete instructions and forms as well as our exclusive in-house Commercial / Business Lender Directory and information about arranging financing for:

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • SBA Financing

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Business Loans

  • Venture Capital

  • And much more

RESIDENTIAL LOAN BROKER PROGRAM (price - $140.00)  more info

residential loan broker

This program will teach you how to process residential loans for 1 - 4 family units. You will also be able to become a direct correspondent with national lenders listed in our Residential Lender Directory, which is enclosed. This will enable you to offer competitive rates and terms with local banks and S & Ls, even after you've added your 1 or 2% fee. Definitely an exceptional program that's in big demand today. You will also receive our net branch lenders which will allow you to operate as a branch without state compliance requirements.


ASSOCIATE LOAN BROKER PROGRAM (price - $130.00)  more info
associate commercial loan broker

Certainly one of the most popular programs we offer, since it gives you the opportunity to co-broker loans directly with us so you can take advantage of our 26 years of experience and impeccable reputation.  We are continuously looking for commercial, industrial and business loans of $100,000 and up.  This is a win-win situation!  You'll learn the brokering business, make 50% of the fee, and we get a chance to do loans out of state without opening up an office.  Your role is to locate a borrower, the easy part, and we locate a lender and close the loan. It's that simple.

PRIVATE LENDER PROGRAM (price - $60.00)  more info

private investers

This is a unique loan brokering program that will show you how to use private investors in your community.  These are investors who have $40,000 - $50,000, even $100,000 in the bank earning only 3% or 4% interest, and are looking for a much higher return on their investment.  These investors will become your lenders.  The borrowers are the kind of individuals who have good equity in a piece of property, but have some credit problems and cannot use the institutional lender, therefore, they must go to the private sector.  A unique program where you can earn exceptionally high fees.
THE DISCOUNT MORTGAGE PROGRAM (price - $149.00)  more info

cash flow business opportunity

This program will show you how to buy existing mortgages and trust deeds secured by real estate.  These are generally secured by firsts or seconds on residential or commercial properties.  You'll have access to the direct lenders who buy these notes continuously or you can sell them directly to us.  We also buy annuities, structured settlements and business notes. 
OUR LENDER DIRECTORIES (price - $70.00 each/ $110 for both)

The perfect resource for anyone in the Loan Brokering business.  This exclusive directory lists current active lending sources with hundreds of millions of dollars in loan money waiting for you and your clients.  Sources include:

COMMERCIAL / BUSINESS LENDERS more info commercial lenders RESIDENTIAL LENDERS more info residential lenders
  • Mortgage Bankers
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Savings and Loans
  • Pension Funds/Advisors
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • S.B.I.C. & M.E.S.B.I.C. Lenders
  • Credit Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Commercial Banks
  • Foreign Lenders
  • S.B.A. Offices
  • Private Companies
  • Wholesale national lenders
  • Wholesale regional lenders
  • B & C home equity lenders
  • High LTV lenders
  • High LTV 2nd mortgage lenders
  • Double wide mobile home lenders
  • Single wide mobile home lenders

home based business