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What about all those envelope stuffing scams that are advertised?

  1. Stuffing envelopes by hand is now a thing of the past. Mailing houses have machinery that folds, inserts, seals and franks, all in one process at a rate of 5,000 per hour.

  2. High speed label applicators can put labels onto envelopes at a rate of 12,000 per hour.

  3. For those items which are not compatible with machines, mailing houses have a full time staff, sometimes on 24 hour shifts to complete the work by hand.

The National Homeworkers Associations'
Home Employment Directory
Offers Legitimate Work At Home Assembly Jobs

You can increase your income by performing assembly jobs or clerical work in your home. American distributing and manufacturing companies supply you with easy-to-follow instructions and pay you for completed work. Envelope stuffing scams are all over the U.S. Do not send money to these illegitimate businesses. Earn a legitimate income processing mail from home with the National Homeworkers Association.

Now, you can make money by assembling products and processing mail from home, and you can work at your own pace. Choose from a large variety of products which appeal to both men and women, and choose the type of work that suits your desires.

You'll be working as an independent contractor, which means you get paid according to the number of pieces you complete. There's no boss watching over you, no time clock to punch, you can work when you please, and even watch television while making money. You can assemble a variety of products for several different companies at the same time and earn the money you need.

Who are the companies listed in our Home Employment Directory?

Dozens of national companies are discovering that it's more economical for them to hire people like you to perform their assembly and clerical work, rather than absorbing the high costs of large assembly plants and the related high costs of employing a large work force.

Working at home is becoming increasingly popular. This year 1.2 million employees will spend more than 35 hours per week working at home with some formal arrangement with their firm. That's more than a 30% increase from just one year ago! This is a new and growing trend with manufacturing and distributing companies and will definitely boom in the new millennium. We take pride in specializing and finding these companies and compiling them in our Home Employment Directory. This is not an envelope stuffing scam. We have checked out these companies to the best of our ability and we're sure that you'll find the type of assembly or clerical work that suits your ability and desires.

You can continue to buy the fly-by-night, get-rich-quick schemes and envelope stuffing scams that promise you millions of dollars overnight, or you can take advantage of a down-to-earth, sincere home employment opportunity where you can earn an honest days wage for an honest days work.

There is NEVER a finish without a start, and the associates at The National Homeworkers Association encourage you to start your new life today.

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EARN the EXTRA INCOME you deserve! Finally, a Home Employment Directory from a reputable source. Now you can process mail from home through the National Homeworkers Association.

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