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  • What do you think is really getting stuffed Into Those Envelopes?

  • It sounds like you can sit around watching TV while stuffing envelopes at home, and the money just rolls in.

  • Ask yourself... What am I stuffing into those envelopes? A Sears catalog? How about a Fingerhut catalog? Maybe it's a Radio Shack Brochure? And they're going to pay you for every envelope you stuff with their catalog.

  • Sign me up! This sounds like a real legitimate Envelope stuffing job. And it never sounded so good.

  • Unfortunately, this is not the case. A mailing house uses machines to stuff envelopes at a high rate of speed. They charge about 3 cents each. No company in their right mind would pay any more than this.

Here is a common envelope stuffing job scenario..

  • You read an ad or a piece of mail saying that "Aunt Margie" makes $1,945.20 every week by doing fun and easy work right from her home. They say you can earn $1 to $3 or some other amount for every envelope you stuff.

  • They usually ask for a fee of about $30 or more just to make sure you are serious about their envelope stuffing job.

  • Since they guarantee your satisfaction you pay the up front fee and send for the package. (Watch out, that guarantee is very conditional).

  • You receive your package to find out you only make money by advertising the same envelope stuffing jobs. You place an ad that says REAL LEGITIMATE ENVELOPE STUFFING JOBS which asks people to send you a buck or two, to get more information. That's how you earn $1,945.20 every week. A dollar at a time.

  • These companies are the only one's making money by receiving those up front fees. You paid for an ad, and if your lucky you may break even from the $1 requests for information. But you won't be the one making any money.


Our company was established in 1976, is located in Oregon, and you can actually call us five days a week.

We are the National Homeworkers Association.

We offer only legitimate work from home.

We know you can increase your income by performing simple assembly or clerical work in your home. There are many American distributing and manufacturing companies today, that will supply you with easy to follow instructions to assemble their various products and pay you for completed work.

Work for more than one company at a time. Choose from a large variety of products which appeal to both men and women, and choose the type of work that suits your desires.

You'll work as an independent contractor, which means you get paid according to the number of pieces you complete.

There's no boss, no time clock, you can work when you please, and even watch television while making money. You can assemble a variety of products for several different companies at the same time and probably earn more money than you expected.


There is a huge demand for hand made items and many of these companies don't have the man power to keep up with the orders their receiving. Since independent contractors are less expensive than regular employees and it's not hard to find quality workers, they simply save money this way. More and more companies are joining our association which allows us to provide only quality jobs for you, that actually pay.

These companies do all the selling. You simply assemble the products according to their instructions and get paid upon completion and return of the finished goods to the company. They do the rest.

There is NEVER a finish without a start, and the associates at The National Homeworkers Association encourage you to stop wasting your money on Real Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs, and start your new life today.

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